RhinoKore Minion Tank

Design & Engineering

The Minion Tanks are designed in accordance with API Standard 650 and conform to Directive 55.

LED Floodlight

Each tank comes with a 240W LED top-mounted floodlight, eliminating the need for a separate light tower.

Rig Mats

Stable and solid to provide a safe, clean, and consistent working platform.

Manageable volumes of fluid

Multiple tanks allow for ease of secondary containment. Up to 84% space savings allowing for a more efficient site layout. Flexible storage footprint.

Quick Setup

Rapid setup and rig out efficient three-person crew Minimizes required ground preparation.

Fuel Savings

Zero evaporation loss. Over 70% savings on heat loss. 50% saving on fuel during initial heating time.

Environmentally Friendly

No liner to haul to a landfill. Lowers environmental impact and protects wildlife. Fluids are kept contaminant free.

No pumps or buffer tanks required

Versatile storage volumes allow for leapfrogging of tanks between locations. Allows for multiple temperature for blending or slip streaming. Internal freeze-protection system.

API Standard 560

One of the only tanks in the market designed in accordance with API Standard 650. Extremely tough, chemical resistant, fuel-grade TPU bladder.

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